Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Secret of Men Success

Everyone definitely will experience their first love. They all said that first love will never be forgotten. My first love happened long time ago. She said I was too willful, have high dependence and will never grow up. But I know all this just an excuses for her so that she can be with someone else. In the end, we broke up. Around that time, it’s my most difficult time. Finished my education, finding a job, I still remember working at star bucks coffee that time, I have never felt that lonely. I know I shouldn’t contact her anymore. I know I should be Independent, I know that love will never be betrayed as the sun and the sea, true love never exist, what do you know about love, when time goes by, I know and understand how, but..I haven’t asked anything from her or contact her for a long time now.

I know, its time for me to say good bye and tell her..thank you. She put herself in me. "don’t meet each other, don’t call each other, forget about me." She said. I will grow up, be more mature, be smart, can curse, can lie, can bargain in supermarket, get my title, know about life, I will get married, and getting old. I have finished my High National Diploma, Bsc Hons Degree and going for Phd. But I have to work first, find a job and build my own career. To my first love, will never see each other again, till end of the world, but my mother..always encourage me to walk forward. Thank you.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twintech In Memories (February 2006 - October 2008)

"Setiap pada tubuh badan manusia terdapat sebutir zarah, sekiranya zarah tersebut mengalir lalu pecah..maka meletuplah ibu kota New York"

Revenge..For the torture on my last struggle to end my degree..its pay back time. What I have in me is the un explored thing ..was really considered as one want to discuss my next target? What is my next step? I have to find a job, my own career and knowing the right path I should go. If I do what I think I can do then I think I can win. And now here we are with our future before us. Cheers to all my housemate, my classmate, my friends….wan, adib, botak, dzofer, king, farid, min..

Even if sometime we make mistakes along the way, its better than never having tried to make friends and knowing people around us. Wouldn’t you agree? Life always give us opportunity to start over after we learn form our mistakes. Hoping to take this opportunity and take good care of one another. Thank you for everything. I hope there a chance that we all will see each other again.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life is a Travel

Do you know what makes me feel angry. When someone take advantage out of me, dishonorable, mean, scorn, back stabing.. the most paranoid thing that could destroy my daily life. What is stay calm method? What is the unique of being calm? What should i do when it comes? I think the people around me already explained it.

lets not forget the past. Lets take a moment to review some of the golden moment and reflect upon the good, the bad and the just playing embarrassed. Life is a travel. Its like sitting and relax on the beach, one hand holding coconut drink, another hand is holding tobacco cigar, the world’s most expensive symbols of wealth and success cigars. Make me the most tallest men in the world. Don't you wish you have another hand?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hope and Faith

"Selagi kita dinamakan manusia, selagi itu kita akan sentiasa dilanda dengan berbagai masalah, disebabkan masalah itulah yang menjadikan kita manusia yang lebih sempurna sekira kita berani menghadapinya"

If I ask myself, why am I different from others? Wanted to be like those people that have everything in their life. Don’t have any problem, be a Hollywood celebrity maybe, luxurious car, money grows on tree, and have all those blink-blink and at that time suppose to be everyday is beautiful day. But then I stood up Why..do we have to be like others? It will change everything and not just me, the people around me had change too.

I learned something about friendship and forgiveness and redemption. The sound of music is a visible thing. Close our eyes and we will see how beautiful life is. The hardest lesson of all is that life is always fragile and very often unfair. As long as we are called human, we will always get hit with so many kinds of problem, because of the problem that we have will make us a perfect courteousness human being if we brave enough to face it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Journey to Remember

"Apa di harap pada padi, luas sawah dari ruang, apa di harap pada kami, budi tiada bahasa pun kurang"

I'm Joe. I write for bloging, I love to travel, I love to eat and im always hungry for more. Welcome to my world. After years of making blogs and many things to create on new idea, im frankly tired. It's like a cruse tired actualy. What we realy needed i figured was a break. But how i deserve a break. This blog is going to be all about me getting some casual time and life.

Joe Talks Silently

The past is never truly behind me. Ghost larking the shadows eagerly to remind me of the choices that I've made. But if i made a decision to look back, maybe I might find an old friend with open arm, or maybe an old enemy with the hidden agenda that would become a mystery, or a truely friends that have the forgiven of heart. Sadly some of us refuse to look back. Never understanding that by denying the past, we are condemn to repeat it.

When I look closely into the face of those around me, sometime I feel that there was a glimpse of a certain green eye monster of evil. And then i can see that they were the people that envy our success, our love live, and our relationship with friends and family. How do you deal with this kind of people that full with hate and jealousy? Why are they still exist? There were many ways to give an answer but the best thing we should do is to simply understand our enemy and share what we have.
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